You can visit our Safari Park with your own vehicle (car, campers or busses, even double ones) just like an exciting African Safari.

Whilst touring you can see elegant giraffes, pretty zebras and antelopes only a few steps from your windows. It is always safe, even watching exciting lions, hyenas and cheetahs!

You can visit Parco Natura Viva on foot, it hosts many animal species from all five continents, most of them are critically endangered in their natural habitat. Thus Parco Natura Viva is involved in various international projects whose aim is the breeding and preservation of those very rare animals. Among many others, you’ll recognize Snow Leopards, Amur Tigers, Maned Wolves, Spectacled Bears, Madagascar Lemurs and their unique predator, the Fossa.

Parco Natura Viva is a member of the most important organizations for the protection of endangered species. It plays a fundamental role in Italy by cooperating with Forest Rangers and taking care and hosting confiscated animals. The Park supports many international projects which represent a real help to fauna protection, such as the return to the wild of the European Bison, Griffon Vulture and Ibis. Visitors contribute to sustaining projects and to developing other new ones, as part of the value of the entrance ticket goes towards helping endangered species in the world!

In our Extinction Park you can meet life-sized models of animals that lived on earth before us. The Extinction Park Project has started with some new models: for example a female Indricotherium, the biggest mammal that ever lived on earth. By 2012 many other life-sized models will have arrived.

Una emozionante immersione in un percorso sorprendente dove barriere naturali permettono l’osservazione della natura e degli animali in tutta sicurezza: una passeggiata tra rinoceronti e ippopotami, l’osservazione dei primati da una prospettiva tutta nuova, con la possibilità di fermarsi a godere dello spettacolo presso il bar safari.